Philippines tourist visa inside Taiwan (ROC) passport, obtained from Manila Economic and Cultural Office

The Philippines offers visitors from 157 different countries visa-free access for tourism purposes.

30 Day Stay:

Most countries from North America (inc. USA, Canada, Mexico), South America, Africa, and Europe (inc. UK, EU), also Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Japan, Russia, and ASEAN countries are offered 30 days.

59 Day Stay:

Brazil, Israel

14 Day Stay:

Hong Kong (BNO 7 Days), Macau (Macau-Portugal 7 Days)

Notable exceptions that require tourist visas are:

Taiwan (ROC), China (PRC), India, the Ukraine

Please prepare and physically print out your flight itinerary for proof that you will exit the Philippines during your legal stay window. Most visitors will not have to present this information to immigration officials, but an official may ask for proof of itinerary, and those who cannot provide an itinerary will be denied entry. Just be on the safe side and print it out before you arrive.

For most passports, your stay duration can be extended at a local immigration office for tourism purposes after application and payment of a small fee.

Please verify your visa-free access with your local Philippines embassy. A full list can be found here.

Information for holders of India, Taiwan (台灣), and China (中国大陆) passports:

Applicants in India can learn more information here from the website of the Philippines Embassy in New Delhi.

Applicants in Taiwan (台灣) should visit the Manila Economic and Cultural Office in Taipei City at 11F, No. 176 Changchun Road nearby Songjiang Nanjing MRT Station (台北市長春路176號11F,捷運松江南京站附近), and a sample application form PDF is available for applicants here:
觀光個人簽證申請書:Philippines Visa Application – Taiwan

Applicants in China (中国大陆) should visit their local Philippines embassy to apply (北京、上海、重庆、厦门、广州), and a sample application form PDF is available here:
菲律宾非移民签证申请表:Philippines Visa Application – China