Traveling to foreign places can be exciting, but the fun all ends once someone’s on the toilet far longer than they should be.

As Boracay is a tourism-focused area, food hygiene and cleanliness are of high priority, and the average visitor will not experience any discomfort or have any issues with food safety. That doesn’t mean visitors should drop any and all concerns, but use common sense and possibly avoid wet market meats (not that you would be cooking on your vacation anyway!).

Basic medical services are available at the Boracay Island Hospital, along the Main Road near Station 2, slightly south of D*Mall, with private clinics and pharmacies located all throughout the island having large selections of primarily American medications.

Telephone number: 141, and can be dialed from any mobile phone connected (including roaming) to a local network.

As a tourist, it is difficult to judge the true safety of an area we are just visiting. That being said, Boracay is an island that is very friendly toward tourists. Same rules apply anywhere with regard to personal safety and security, but it’s ok to let your guard down a little bit in Boracay.

The largest police station is located nearby Station 3, La Carmela Hotel.

Emergency and Important Phone Numbers

Police 135 or 166 or 036-288-3036
PCGA Rescue 038-506-3486
Philippine Coast Guard 036-506-6150
Balabag Barangay Hall 194
Aklan Baptist Hospital 288-7063
Boracay Island Hospital (CLOSEST) 141 or 288-6150
Fire Department 198
Bureau of Immigration 036-288-5267
Bureau of Tourism 036-506-0094