Due to the limited amount of connections abroad, browsing the Internet from the Philippines will be slower than most foreign visitors are accustomed to, with intermittent outages. Please be understanding of the economic situation of the islands, and adjust your browsing habits accordingly.

That being said, the Internet in Boracay is far more reliable than most places in the Philippines due to the amount of foreign tourists visiting. Most hotels offer a decent WiFi connection, and some restaurants and cafés may offer WiFi as well.

It is recommended to change your default Google search to the .ph domain when prompted by your browser for better reliability.

Internet cafés and business centers are popular spots to access the Internet, and can be used for short periods for a reasonable amount of money. Be aware of your online security when using public computers and networks.

As always, do not connect to open WiFi networks, since these networks may be honeypots that monitor traffic and could expose your personal account information. Make sure any WiFi network you connect to has a password, otherwise don’t connect.

The best way to protect your security online while visiting Boracay is to purchase a mobile phone SIM card (from SMART, preferably) and have dedicated connection to your smartphone. They are inexpensive and work fairly reliably. Using your smartphone in this way to check e-mail, reservations, and social media is far safer than logging in on WiFi that you are not in charge of.