Most visitors to Boracay and the Philippines are often confused about how much to tip. The simple answer is: tip however much you feel comfortable tipping. The economic situation of the Philippines is always in constant flux, so be a responsible tourist and support the local economy and local people.

Most larger restaurants and services will include a minimal service charge (around 10% mostly) for employee compensation. The service quality in Boracay is generally extremely high, and you may choose to tip your service staff on top of this service charge if you feel you received excellent service. Tip whatever amount you feel comfortable, but in general, tipping is greatly appreciated by individual staff, and, while not generally expected by those with more stable work positions, still appreciated.

Most street or restaurant performers earn their wages primarily by tip money. If you’ve enjoyed the performance, tip the performer.

One area where tipping becomes confusing is when a non-requested service is performed, such as carrying bags or similar. In this situation, either politely inform the worker you do not require assistance, or tip a small amount, keeping in mind the economic situation. Once again, workers in more stable employment positions are less reliant upon tips. Please bear in mind that many staff in Boracay are working hard to help support families at home.

Tipping tricycle taxi service is not required, as prices are directly negotiated with the driver.