On Boracay, tricycles are the sole form of public transit around the island. Usually a motorcycle with a carriage attached to the side, this fun and affordable mode of transportation is the best way to get around Boracay. The service quality is incredibly high, and drivers are very polite to guests.


Tricycle taxis in Boracay can comfortably fit between 4-6 passengers, with some space on top for carrying luggage

How much does a tricycle cost?

There are government ordinances in place to regulate the rate that tricycle drivers can charge for varying distances. A tricycle driving within or between Stations 1 and 3 is supposed to cost ₱10 per passenger, however, in reality, this rate will never be charged to tourists.

Why do tricycles in Boracay cost tourists more money?

Tricycle drivers report their daily expenditure with regard to operating a tricycle is ₱2,000 plus their gasoline petrol expenses. At a standard ₱20 a ride, a driver must complete over 100 rides per day to break even and not incur any loss. Even though tricycle drivers are overcharging for their service, use your judgment to decide what is acceptable. Be a responsible tourist and support the local economy.

Realistically, what should I pay for a tricycle in Boracay?

Most trips along the main White Beach area between Stations 1, 2, and 3 should not exceed ₱60, depending on how much weight is in the tricycle and time of day. In this area, drivers can get quick turnaround of customers, so they naturally prefer to stay around the D*Mall area and Station 2. For areas further away such as Diniwid Beach and Puka Beach, drivers may ask within a wide range of fares. Don’t be afraid to reject a driver if you feel the price is too high, or join other nearby people to share a cab. For trips that stray from the main road, these are referred to as “charter” trips and cost a flat ₱150, as it is quite difficult for them to drive down some roads.

Is it possible to get private service?

Truthfully, it isn’t necessary to find private service since there is only one road and it is always full of tricycles. It would be rare to wait more than 30 seconds for a cab to show up. In the event that you wish to hire a tricycle (for example to arrange an excursion or change hotels), simply ask any driver you feel comfortable with, remembering that paying a (relatively) larger fare will ensure the driver’s assistance. How much to pay is, once again, up to individual discretion, although a maximum ₱200 payment will suffice, and the driver will be happy to assist.

Please treat tricycle drivers with respect, and understand their economic situation when discussing fares. Also, please prepare your cab fare in small bills. Tricycle drivers in Boracay work very hard to provide a great service, so help them out by providing exact change whenever possible.

Official Tricycle Taxi Tariff Structure:

Station 1 to Station 3 “Hop-on Hop-off” Rate is ₱10 per passenger.

Fare (per pax.) Region
₱10 Bantud
₱20 Angol, Tulubhan, Ambulong (Vice Versa), Manggayad, Crossing, Bolabog (Vice Versa), Lagutan Station 3, T. Center, Villa Criselda, Charlie’s Bar, Regency
₱25 Balabag Proper, Pinau-Ngon (Vice Versa), Bolabog (Old and New)
₱30 Sinagpa, Fairways, Crossing Diniwid
₱35 Diniwid Beach, Hagdan, Eco Villa (Vice Versa)
₱40 Yapak Proper, Puka Beach (Vice Versa)